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Yala East National Park (Kumuna)

Yala East National Park Lies on the south -east coast in Eastern Provience,12 km south of Arugam bay,and is accessible from the Wellawaya -Pottuvil Road.Contiguous to the south with Ruhuna (Yala) National Park/Yala Strict Nature Reserve (126,786 ha) along Kumbukkan oya.Block II was established on 26 December 1969,followed by Block I on 2 January 1970,having originally been reserved for shooting as an intermediate zone many years before hand.Total area is 18149ha with 285.3ha in Block II and 17,863.4 ha in Block I.

Gateway to Yala East is Colombo - udawalawa - thanamalwila - Wallawaya- Monaragala -Siyambalanduwa- Lahugala - Pottuwil -panama - okanda - kumana.


The mainfeature is the world famous Kumana mangrove swamp (c.200ha),which is surronded by plains and jungle.The flat terrain of the coast is broken by numerous ,rocky outcrops.There are large saline lagoons along the coast ,often surround by extensive plains

The water -filled basins basins in the central flood plain are characterised by the abundance and predominance of water -tolerant grasses and aquatic plants. the distribution of vegetation in the villus shows a characteristic pattern,which is related to the period of inundation and the depth of flooding.On the margis,where wet conditions are brief and the depth of flooding slight ,there are creeping grasses,such as Cynodon dactylon,and various essentially terrestrialannual plants which are capable of surviving wet conditions.

In general ,the fauna is similar to that found in Ruhuna National Park.Kumana is reputed for its avifauna.Large numbers of certian species congregate to nest in the mangrooves in May -June .Common birds include pelican Pelecanus sp.,painted stork Ibis leucocephalus,spoonbill Platalea leucorodia,white ibis Threskiornis melancocephalus,open-billed strok Anastomus oscitans,purple hero Ardea purpurea,grey heron A. cinerea,egrets Egretta spp.,pond heron Ardeola grayii,night heron Nycticorax nycticorax,Indian darter Anhinga melanogaster andcormorant Phalacrocorax niger.Moorhen Gallinula chloropus,water cock Gallicrex cinerea,purple mooehen Porphyrio porphyrio,pheasant - tailed jacana Hydrophasiamus chirurgus,black - winged stilt Himantopus himnatopus,whistling teal Dendrocygna javanica and little grebe Podiceps ruficollis are also present ,as it black- necked strok Xenorhynchus asiaticus, one of Sri Lanka's rarest birds.


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