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Horagolla National Park


Haragolla is biologically, the most diverse and significant patch of forest in the wet zone of Sri Lanka. In addition, this park represents a special zonal vegetation complex which provides a natural refugium for many species that are extremely rare, possibly extinct, in other parts of the island. This park is situated approximately west of the Colombo- kandy road near Nittambuwa town in the western province of Sri Lanka. The ectent of the part is about 33 acres. 7° 08’ - 7º 09’N 80º 04’ –80º 06’E.

  • Turn off at Nittambuwa on the Nittanbuwa, Veyangoda road and proceed via Pinnagolla up to Horagolla. The distance from Colombo to Horagolla is 42km.









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