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Nature Reserves are not allowed for public to see & study wildlife. However scientific studies are encouraged under the supervision of DWLC. The Major difference in this category compared to PAs and SNRs is, in Nature Reserves traditional human activities are allowed to continue. Protected Area system of Sri Lanka comprises of Nature Reserves.


Nature Reserves
Extent (ha)
1. Triconamadu
 1986.10.24  25019.00
2. Riverine
 1991.07.31  824.00
3. Minneriya-Giritale
Block 1
 1988.02.12  7529.10
Block 2
 1993.06.25  1924.00
Block 3
 1995.07.07  4745.00
Block 4
 1997.09.01  8336.00
4. Wetahirakanda
 2002.06.07  3229.00
5. Peak Wilderness
 2007.09.21  12979.00
6. Nagar kovil
 2016.03.01  7882.00
7. Vedithalathivu
 2016.03.01  29180.00


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