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JKH, DIMO AND EFL donate Patrol vehicle and fuel to assist conservation of Yala National Park

Considered a wildlife haven for its incredible biodiversity and renowned for some of the best leopard sightings in the country. Yala has recently been under stress from the amount of visitors flocking to the park. Due to limited resources wildlife authorities have struggled to conduct regular monitoring and anti-poaching patrol within the park. In an effort to assist this monitoring and patrol process. Dimo donated a Tata Xenon, 3 liters Euro Standard Emission Control Cab. John Keells Hotels agreed to supply 200 liters of fuel on a monthly basis to support the patrol operation and the Environment foundation of Sri Lanka (EFL) will provide logistical support and oversee the progress of patrols.

Mr. Chirtal Jayathilake Head of Ecotourism and Special  Projects at JKH  stated “ This patrol vehicle and the support provided through this private sector contribution will help park authorities conduct the necessary  monitoring and anti-poaching patrols, instill the necessary discipline within the park and ensure its overall protection and conservation.”


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Yala National Park is the oldest national park in the Sri Lanka and it is extended over two provinces, namely Uva & Southern. It lies within Monaragala & Hambantota districts.Yala National Park covers about 97,880.7 hecters, the multifarious eco system ranging from the Moist Monsoon Forest to other natural compartment. Yala has been declared as a protected area in 1900 and it was a 389 km2 at that time. In 1909 Yala was declared as Sanctuary and gain gazette as a National Park in 25 th February 1938.

Yala National Park

Wilpttu National park is among the oldest and most important of protected areas in Sri Lanka. It also contains a number of important cultural sites. The sanctuary lies inland from the coast and is entirely within Northern Province. It is contiguous with the park, the intervening boundary being marked by the Moderagam Aru.

Wilpattu National Park

The Udawalawe National park which has acreage of 30,821 hectares, was declared as a National Park in 30 th June 1972 under the Fauna and Flora Protection ordinance. The park lies in the Rathnepura District in Sabaragamuwa Province Monaragala District in Uva Province. It forms of the largest conservation areas within these districts and largely comprises the lower and the immediate catchments of Udawalawe. The walawe reservoir is situated in the park and surface area of it at full supply level is about 3405 hectares.

Udawalawa NP

Horton plain, its surroundings forests and the adjoining Peak Wilderness, consolidate Sri Lanka’s most important catchment area of almost all the major rives. The plains are also of outstanding the habitats and endemic plants and animals representatives of the country wet and montage zones.

Horton Plains NP

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