Re-opening Visor Services

Visitor services offered by the department will be restarted from 15th June 2010 in a phased-out manner. The details are as follows.

Visiter Group/Vehicle Limitations

National Park

Maximum Visitor Groups/Vehicles allowed to enter within a day

Ruhuna(yala) and Udawalawa National Parks.

150 Vehicles

Wilpattu National Park

80 Vehicles

Minneriya, Kudulla, Wasgomuwa National Parks

50 Vehicles

Horton Plains National Parks

50 Groups

Pegion Island National Park

50 Boats

Other National Parks

Reopening Visitor Services


Visitor Service

Day visits


Camp Sites

Marine Mammal Watching

Other Visitor Attractions

15th June 2020 (Monday) Ruhuna (yala),

Wilpattu, Udawalawa,

Minneriya, Kaudulla, Pegion Island,

and Horton Plains National Parks

2020 ජූනි 22 (සඳුදා) Bundala, Horagolla, Lunugamvehera, Galoya, Kumana, Angammedilla, Galweys land, Maduru Oya,Lahugala, and HikkaduwaNational Parks

Kalpitiya Barreef Sanctuary and Mirissa Udawalawa Elephant Transit home
2020 ජූනි 29 (සඳුදා)

All wildlife bungalows All Campsites


Reassigning the reservations falls within the period of 15.03.2020 to 30.04.2020.


Visitor Service


23.06.2020 Reassignment of reservation dates for the reservations within the period from 15.03.2020 to 30.04.2020. The reassignment will be done first come first serve basis and without any extra charge. The visitors can get their reservations reassigned to any date within 01.07.2020 and 31.12.2020. Department of Wildlife Conservation Head Office
Any working day Before 06.07.2020  

Reassigning reservation dates of the customers who failed to come on 23.06.2020.

Department of Wildlife Conservation Head Office
06.07.2020 Reservation of bungalows for the new customers according to the usual procedure followed prior to 15.03.2020 for the month of August. Department of Wildlife Conservation Head Office
Any working day after 2020.07.06 Reservation of the rest of the vacant dates according to the usual procedure. Department of Wildlife Conservation Head Office

Facilitation of Visitor Services

Health and Safety

All the directives and guidelines approved by the Government regarding COVID-19 Pandemic and the rules enforced by the Department must be strictly followed by the Departmental Staff, Visitors, Guides, and Safari Drivers. Individuals and groups who are not complying with the measures will not be provided with visitor facilities.


Department of Wildlife Conservation Hotline.

Visitor Services Reservation Counter – 011 2888585(ext 400)

Deputy Director (Visitor Services) – 011 2888585(ext 409)

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  • Dinusha| June 13, 2020

    Is ticket counters open in Yala National Park to get tickets in the morning

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